How to Pay Your Vectren Bill by Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Paying your monthly energy bill is an essential responsibility for every Vectren customer. As the primary energy provider for homes and businesses across Indiana and Ohio, Vectren offers their customers multiple ways to pay each bill conveniently and on time.

One of the simplest options is to pay your Vectren bill by phone using their automated phone payment system. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll outline the exact process to pay your Vectren gas, electric, or combination bill over the phone. I’ll also provide tips to avoid late fees, find your account number, set up recurring payments, and get payment assistance if needed.

Overview of Paying Vectren Bills by Phone

Vectren allows customers to pay bills 24/7 using their automated phone payment system.

To pay by phone, you simply call Vectren’s toll-free billing phone number, follow the voice prompts to enter your account details, select a payment amount and method, and complete the transaction.

Payments made by phone are quick and processed immediately. This prevents late fees and service disruptions as long as you pay by the bill due date.

Below I’ll walk through step-by-step instructions and provide the Vectren phone numbers to call for bill pay I’ll also outline key tips to make phone payments easy and hassle-free,

Steps to Pay Your Vectren Bill by Phone

Paying your Vectren energy bill by phone only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps:

1. Find Your Vectren Account Number

You’ll need your 10-digit Vectren account number to process payments by phone.

Your account number can be found on your printed Vectren bill or by logging into your online Vectren account Have this handy before you call

2. Call the Vectren Bill Pay Phone Number

Call the Vectren billing phone number for your service state:

  • Indiana Customers 1-800-227-1376

  • Ohio Customers: 1-800-227-1376

These toll-free numbers connect you to Vectren’s automated phone pay system.

3. Select “Make a Payment”

Listen to the menu options and press the number for “Make a Payment” to pay your Vectren bill.

4. Enter Your Vectren Account Number

When prompted, use your phone keypad to enter your 10-digit Vectren account number.

5. Choose a Payment Method

Next, choose whether you want to pay by:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (bank account withdrawal)

Follow the prompts to enter your payment method details.

6. Enter the Payment Amount

Enter the exact amount you wish to pay on your Vectren bill. You can pay the full balance, make a partial payment, or specify any amount.

7. Complete Payment

Once you confirm the payment details, the system will process your Vectren bill payment and email you a confirmation receipt.

The payment will be immediately applied to your account balance.

Important Tips for Paying by Phone

Keep these tips in mind for easy phone payments:

  • Have your Vectren account number handy before calling. Do not attempt to pay without it.

  • Call early in the billing cycle so payments post before the due date.

  • To avoid late fees, call to pay your bill 1 week before the due date printed on it.

  • You can pay any amount by phone – full balance, partial payment, or any dollar amount.

  • Save your payment method to easily pay recurring bills by phone.

  • Contact Vectren immediately if you cannot pay in full by the due date.

Set Up Recurring Payments

For hassle-free bill pay, enroll in recurring payments by phone. This automatically deducts your monthly Vectren bill from a designated credit card or bank account.

To enroll:

  • When prompted for payment method, choose card or bank account.

  • Select “Yes” to save it for future payments.

  • Each month, your bill will be paid on the due date by your selected method.

You can cancel or change recurring payments anytime by calling Vectren. Automating payments prevents late fees caused by forgetting to pay.

Avoid Late Fees and Disconnection

To avoid penalties and service interruptions, it’s vital to pay your Vectren bill in full by the due date printed on it. Consequences of late payments include:

  • Late Payment Fees – 1.5% fee added if not paid on time.

  • Disconnection – Gas or electric service may be disconnected if bill is 30+ days past due.

  • Reconnection Fee – $70 fee to restore service after disconnection.

Paying on time, enrolling in auto-pay, and proactively communicating with Vectren about any payment issues can help avoid these outcomes.

Get Payment Assistance from Vectren

If you are struggling financially and unable to pay your Vectren bill on time, contact them immediately at 1-800-227-1376 to ask about bill payment assistance programs.

Based on eligibility, Vectren offers options like:

  • Budget payment plans – Make same payment each month.

  • LIHEAP – Helps pay energy bills for low income.

  • Payment arrangements – Extend due date or make installment payments.

In addition, 2-1-1 can connect you to supplemental local bill pay assistance resources. Reach out early to avoid service disruption.

Monitor Energy Use Through Your Vectren Account

Keeping track of your monthly energy use will help you budget and plan for your Vectren bill payment.

Through your online Vectren account, you can view usage graphs, compare old bills, set usage alerts, and monitor daily usage. This allows you to identify waste, high-use appliances, and savings opportunities.

Understanding your usage patterns enables you to better predict your monthly bills and avoid payment surprises. Monitor closely if attempting budget billing.

In Summary

Remember to have your account number ready, call 1 week before the due date, and enroll in auto-pay to prevent late fees. Contact Vectren as soon as possible if you anticipate struggles paying any bill on time. Consistently paying your Vectren bill by phone or any method ensures your service continues uninterrupted.

Vectren Phone Number To Bill Pay

Manage your options online by registering your free online account.

All you need is your CenterPoint Energy account number and a valid email address. Get started

Select a payment option

To pay online, you will need your CenterPoint Energy account number. Need help finding your account number? Select your payment option

You may pay using either a checking or savings account. Youll need both the account number and routing number. There is no fee to pay with a bank account.

Accepted cards:

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