Where Can I Pay My Pse Bill? A Comprehensive Guide

Paying your utility bill on time is important to avoid late fees and service interruptions. For customers of Puget Sound Energy (PSE) in Washington state, there are many options to pay your PSE bill conveniently. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various ways you can pay your Pse bill.

Online Bill Pay

The easiest and most convenient way for most customers to pay their PSE bill is online through the PSE website or mobile app

  • On the PSE website, you can sign into your account and pay your bill via credit/debit card or electronic bank transfer Payments made online before 5 PM should post to your account within 1-2 business days.

  • The PSE mobile app also allows you to easily pay on your phone or tablet with just a few taps.

  • You can also pay as a guest without logging in by entering your account number and zip code.

  • Paying online allows you to see your current balance and payment history.

  • It is fast, available 24/7, and there are no fees for credit/debit card payments.

Pay By Phone

You can call PSE at 1-888-225-5773 and pay your bill over the phone using a credit/debit card or checking account payment. Phone payments made during business hours will typically post to your account within 1-2 days.

Pay By Mail

If you prefer, you can mail in a payment to:

Puget Sound Energy
P.O. Box 91269
Bellevue, WA 98009-9269

Be sure to include your payment stub from your bill. Mailed payments can take 5-7 business days to post so mail early to avoid late fees.

Pay In Person

You can pay your PSE bill in person at over 100 authorized pay stations in PSE’s service area. Locations include Fred Meyer, Walmart, and other grocery/retail stores.

  • Pay stations accept cash, check, money order, or pin-based debit cards.

  • You must bring your payment stub from your bill.

  • In-person payments usually post to your account within 1-2 business days.

  • Find pay station locations on the PSE website.

Budget Payment Plan

PSE offers a Budget Payment Plan that averages out your estimated yearly energy costs into even monthly payments. This helps avoid seasonal spikes in your bill.

  • Your monthly budget payment does not vary based on actual usage.

  • Your account is reconciled every 6 months against actual charges.

  • Any overage or underage is then adjusted evenly across the next 6 months.

  • This program provides predictable bills while still paying for all eventual energy usage.

Payment Arrangements

If you are having difficulty paying your entire balance, you can call PSE to set up installment payment arrangements.

  • Payment plans allow you to pay your balance off over an agreed schedule in smaller installments.

  • Arrangements can help avoid service disruption when you cannot pay the full amount due.

  • Payment plans are typically interest free. Late payment fees may still apply.

Bill Payment Assistance

PSE offers two assistance programs to help qualified low-income customers maintain electric and natural gas service:

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) – Helps low income households with a credit towards their bill.

  • Crisis Assistance Program – Helps low income households restore or prevent shutoff due to temporary financial hardship.

If you are struggling to pay your PSE bill, be sure to explore whether you qualify for these assistance programs. Applications can be completed online or by contacting PSE.

Avoid Late Fees

To avoid late payment fees, make sure your bill payment reaches PSE by the due date listed on your statement. The due date varies but is typically 20-25 days after the statement date.

  • Online, phone, and in-person payments post quickly, so pay a few days before the due date.

  • Mailed payments take longer to post, so mail at least 7 business days before the due date.

  • If mailing close to the due date, consider an online payment to ensure on-time delivery.

What If I Miss The Due Date?

If you miss the due date, a late fee will be assessed to your account, typically $10 for residential or $15 for commercial accounts. If your balance remains unpaid, your service may eventually be disconnected.

  • Call PSE immediately to discuss payment plan options and avoid disconnection.

  • A reconnection fee will apply if your service is interrupted. Reconnection may take 24 hours.

  • Try to set up autopay or reminder alerts to help avoid future missed payments.

Set Up Autopay

For guaranteed on-time payment, enroll in autopay through your PSE account. This automatically pays your bill from your bank account or credit/debit card each month.

  • Autopay payments process 2-3 days before the due date, so you don’t have to remember.

  • You can cancel or change your autopay date at any time through your online account.

  • Autopay gives you peace of mind that your payment is always on time.

Recap of Payment Options

  • Online through your PSE account – Fast and free
  • PSE Mobile App – Pay on your phone anytime
  • By Phone – Call 1-888-225-5773, M-F 7AM-5PM
  • By Mail – Send check/money order with stub
  • In Person – Over 100 pay stations accept cash, check, or pin-based debit
  • Autopay – Automatic payments from your bank account or credit/debit card

Be sure to pay your PSE bill by the due date each month and explore payment assistance programs if needed. With numerous payment options, paying your PSE utility bill can be simple and stress-free.

Frequency of Entities:
Pse: 24
Bill: 20
Online: 5
Phone: 4
Person: 4
Mail: 4
Pay: 15
Payment: 10
Account: 5
Autopay: 4
Assistance: 3
Arrangements: 2
Avoid: 2
Balance: 2
Bank: 2
Card: 2
Customers: 2
Due: 2
Late: 2
Options: 2
Post: 2
Program: 2
Address: 1
Alerts: 1
Amount: 1
App: 1
Apply: 1
Assistance: 1
Average: 1
Avoid: 1
Balance: 1
Be: 1
Bill: 1
Budget: 1
Business: 1
Call: 1
Cancel: 1
Cash: 1
Change: 1
Check: 1
Commercial: 1
Complet: 1
Convenient: 1
Cost: 1
Credit: 1
Current: 1
Customer: 1
Day: 1
Debit: 1
Difficult: 1
Disconnection: 1
Disrupt: 1
Electric: 1
Electronic: 1
Energy: 1
Enrollment: 1
Ensure: 1
Eventually: 1
Every: 1
Explore: 1
Fast: 1
Find: 1
Free: 1
Future: 1
Gas: 1
Guaranteed: 1
Hardship: 1
Help: 1
High: 1
History: 1
Home: 1
Immediately: 1
Important: 1
Income: 1
Installment: 1
Interruptions: 1
Late: 1
Lik: 1
Locations: 1
Low: 1
Maintain: 1
Manage: 1
Many: 1
Map: 1
Miss: 1
Miss: 1
Mobile: 1
Money: 1
Monthly: 1
Natural: 1
Near: 1
Number: 1
Numerous: 1
On-time: 1
Options: 1
Order: 1
Overage: 1
Ow: 1
Payments: 1
Peace: 1
Pin-based: 1
Plan: 1
Plans: 1
Please: 1
Post: 1
Prevent: 1
Process: 1
Program: 1
Provides: 1
Qualified: 1
Qualify: 1
Quickly: 1
Recap: 1
Reconciled: 1
Reminder: 1
Restore: 1
Schedule: 1
Service: 1
Set: 1
Sign: 1
Simple: 1
Statement: 1
Stress-free: 1
Struggling: 1
Tables: 1
Temporary: 1
Terms: 1
Time: 1
Towards: 1
Transfer: 1
Try: 1
Underage: 1
Utility: 1
Variations: 1
Varies: 1
Various: 1
Walmart: 1
Washington: 1
Website: 1
Yearly: 1
You: 1
Your: 1
Zip: 1

Where Can I Pay My Pse Bill

Sign into my account

Pay your bill, report outages and check status, track your energy usage and more.

Bill pay has been made easy


Does PSE accept credit card payments?

Pay with credit or debit card Enter your 12-digit account number and five-digit ZIP code for the address receiving service. Then select “Pay Now.” *A transaction fee of up to 2.65% may apply for commercial accounts.

What is the late payment fee for PSE?

A late payment fee of 1 percent will be assessed on balances which remain unpaid for more than 10 business days after the due date. A 30-day delay of the late fee will be granted to income-eligible customers who notify PSE that they have applied to a community agency for financial aid.

Where can I pay my PSE Bill?

Visit one of over 100 PSE pay stations, including Fred Meyer and Wal-Mart stores, to pay your bill in person using, cash, check, pin-based debit or money order (varies by location). When paying in person, you must have your bill stub. There is no service charge or fee to make a payment at any PSE authorized pay station.

What can I do with my PSE account login?

Pay your bill, report outages and check status, track your energy usage and more. Forgot username or password? Your PSE account login can help you to view your bill, set your preferences, enroll in paperless billing, get outage or usage alerts and more.

Do I need a bill stub to pay PSE?

When paying in person, you must have your bill stub. There is no service charge or fee to make a payment at any PSE authorized pay station. There is also no fee for credit and debit card transactions when paying online. However, a transaction fee of up to 2.65% may apply for commercial accounts.

Where do PSE electronic bills come from?

PSE’s electronic bills will come from [email protected]. Please make sure emails from [email protected] not go to a spam folder. How do I view my past bills online? You can view up to 24 months of past bill on an active account by visiting Payment History. When I print my electronic bill, I see symbols and gibberish rather than my statement.

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