Where To Pay Kub Bill In Knoxville Tn

The Top Options for Paying Your KUB Bill in Knoxville

As a resident of Knoxville relying on the city’s electric, natural gas, water, and wastewater utility services from KUB (Knoxville Utilities Board), I pay my KUB bill each month like clockwork Over the years, I’ve paid my bill through KUB’s online system, automatic bank draft, by phone, in-person at the KUB office downtown, and at third party payment locations around the city

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk through the various options Knoxville KUB customers have for paying utility bills conveniently and on-time each month. Whether you prefer automated payments, cash payments, online payments, or stopping by a kiosk location, KUB offers flexibility to suit different needs and preferences.

My Favorite: KUB Online Bill Pay

Without a doubt, the easiest and most convenient way I’ve found to pay my KUB bill is through their online payment portal at www.kub.org. You can either make one-time payments each month using your bank account or credit/debit card, or set up recurring automatic payments.

To start, create an online KUB account using your account number. Once logged in, you can view your monthly balance and due date, payment history, billing preferences, and more.

When ready to pay, you can enter your payment details and submit the payment instantly online. KUB also offers text and email reminders when your bill is coming due so you never forget.

I like to use my credit card to earn rewards points then pay off the card when the balance posts. The online system stores your information to make future payments a breeze.

Automatic Bank Draft for Hands-Free Payments

For the ultimate hands-off approach, enroll in KUB’s AutoPay program to have payments automatically drafted from your checking account each month. You’ll never have to think about paying your bill again!

To start, complete and submit the AutoPay enrollment form on the KUB website. You’ll need to provide your account number and attach a voided check. On the form, choose the date each month that you want KUB to pull the funds.

Going forward, KUB will withdraw the amount due directly from your bank account on the chosen date every month. I’d suggest picking a date shortly after you get paid, but well before the KUB bill’s actual due date.

Super convenient, just monitor your account balance regularly so you don’t overdraft. I may switch to bank drafts someday for the convenience factor.

Pay by Phone 24/7 Using KUB’s Automated System

If you prefer to pay your bill over the phone, KUB offers an automated telephone payment system available anytime.

Simply call 865-524-2911 and select the “Pay by Phone” option. You’ll need to enter your 10-digit KUB account number and follow the prompts to make a payment.

The system accepts payments from debit/credit cards and checking/saving accounts. Just have all your payment details handy when you call. The payment posts instantly to your account.

This is a handy backup option if you are unable to pay online for some reason in a particular month. The automated nature makes it quick and easy.

Mail In a Check if You Prefer

While not as convenient as electronic payments, you can always mail in a physical check to pay your KUB bill each month.

Just write your 10-digit KUB account number on the check and mail it to:

Knoxville Utilities Board
P.O. Box 59029
Knoxville, TN 37950-9017

I’d suggest mailing your check at least 7-10 days before the due date listed on your bill. Use the remittance stub from your bill to make sure payment is applied accurately.

This is a fine option if you prefer writing checks or don’t want to mess with electronic payments. Just build in enough lead time for mail processing.

Pay in Cash at an Authorized PaySite Location

If cash payments are your thing, KUB has partnered with PaySite kiosks and retail stores around Knoxville to accept cash payments.

This includes kiosks located at select Knox County Public Library branches. You can walk right up and insert cash to make an instant KUB payment.

Many Dollar General, Kroger, and Walmart stores in the area also accept cash payments for KUB bills at the register. Just inform the cashier you need to make a KUB utility payment.

Visit KUB’s payment map online to find PaySite locations convenient for you. Cash is instantly credited to your account and shows as paid right away.

In-Person Payments at KUB Customer Service Centers

For personal face-to-face service, you can pay your KUB bill at one of their customer service centers around Knoxville. They accept payments by cash, check, money order, and credit/debit cards.

The main downtown KUB office is located at 445 S. Gay Street. This location has extended hours on weekdays and also opens on Saturdays.

There are also neighborhood KUB service centers where you can pay in-person:

  • Cedar Bluff – 9260 S. Northshore Dr
  • Powell – 7301 Chapman Hwy
  • Halls – 4110 Crippen Rd

I will sometimes stop by the downtown KUB office to pay if I’m already out running errands nearby. The representatives are always friendly and helpful if I have any account questions.

Avoid Late Fees and Disconnection

However you decide to pay your KUB bill, just make sure you pay the total amount due before the cutoff date each month. KUB does charge a late fee if payment is not received on time (I believe it’s currently 5% of the unpaid balance).

More importantly, failure to pay after multiple notices can result in service disconnection altogether. You definitely want to avoid this outcome.

I recommend setting text/email reminders through the online system so you never forget when your bill is due. Prompt payment ensures uninterrupted utility services.

Payment Assistance Options

If you are experiencing financial hardship and struggle to pay your KUB bill some months, be sure to call them right away to explain the situation. They can often make payment arrangements or connect you with utility assistance programs.

For example, LIHEAP and Project Help offer heating and cooling assistance for low income residents. KUB also partners with Knoxville’s Community Action Committee (CAC) to provide help.

Don’t let past due bills pile up. Reach out early to discuss options so you can maintain active service and avoid late fees or disconnection. KUB is willing to work with customers who show good faith in contacting them about payment problems.

Where To Pay Kub Bill In Knoxville Tn

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Learn more about KUB Fiber and discover when your address will have access to Knoxville’s only locally-owned fiber internet, tv, and home phone.

At KUB, we believe in delivering clean and safe water to our customers. View our 2023 Water Quality Report to learn more about our water and our commitment.

Bill Payment Assistance For KUB Customers

How do I make a Kub payment?

Pay by phone using KUB’s automated system. Call 865-524-2911 and follow the prompts to make a payment. Please have your KUB account number available. We have partnered with PaySite and local retailers to allow you to pay in person in the Greater Knoxville area. Our payment location map will help you find your nearest location.

How do I pay my utility bill in Knoxville?

Our payment location map will help you find your nearest location. Mail your check or money order payable to “Knoxville Utilities Board” to: Pay by phone using our automated system by calling: 865-524-2911 Be sure to include your account number on your check. Make a donation to Project Help to provide heating assistance to those in need.

What is the Knoxville Utilities Board app?

Now managing your utilities is easier than ever for KUB customers. The new Knoxville Utilities Board app is designed to provide a seamless way to handle: Billing and Payments – View and pay your KUB power, water, gas, or wastewater bill with the tap of a button, plus view past bills and payment history

How do I pay a Kub Bill a day before it’s due?

Or you can also use SelectPay, KUB’s free bank draft option, which allows you to pay any day before your bill is due — or to set up your payment ahead of time to draft from your bank or credit union account on the date you schedule. You can also sign up for the Levelized Billing Plan.

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