How to Pay Your Water Bill Online in Roswell, NM

Living in the hot and dry climate of Roswell, New Mexico, access to water is essential. As a resident, you receive your water service from the City of Roswell Utilities Department. One of your regular monthly tasks is paying your city water bill to keep service active.

In the past, Roswell only accepted mailed checks, cash or in-person payments. But they now offer a convenient online payment option. Read on to learn all about paying your Roswell water bill electronically

Online Account Management

The City of Roswell has an online self-service portal where residents can review bills, make payments, set up auto-pay and more.

To access it

You can also reach it through the “Pay My Bill” link at roswell-nm,gov,

This replaces Roswell’s old online payment system. All customers need to set up a new account, even if you had one before.

Setting Up Your Online Account

Creating an online account is quick and easy:

  • Have your latest water bill handy to reference your account number and balance due.
  • Click “Register” and fill in all required personal details.
  • Create a username and password for secure access.
  • Agree to the terms of use.
  • Click “Register” again when finished.

Once registered, you can now log in anytime to manage payments, update account info, view billing history and enrollment in paperless statements.

Making One-Time Payments

To pay your current water bill online:

  • Log into your account.
  • Locate the “Pay Bill” tab.
  • Select water services and enter payment amount.
  • Choose a payment method – credit/debit card or eCheck.
  • Enter card or bank details and submit payment.

The site accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.

You’ll receive an email confirmation with transaction details. Payments before 8 AM post same-day, otherwise they post the next business day.

Setting Up Recurring Payments

Forget monthly bills by enrolling in automatic recurring payments:

  • Log into your online account.
  • Locate the “My Profile” tab.
  • Click “AutoPay Program” in the left menu.
  • Enter your payment method information.
  • Choose the day each month for payments to process.
  • Save your automatic payment setup.

On the date selected, your water bill will automatically be paid from the stored payment method.

You can cancel or edit auto-pay anytime through your online account.

Account Management Tips

Your online account allows you to:

  • Update your mailing address, email and phone number if they change.

  • Go paperless by enrolling in electronic statements.

  • View past water usage and billing history.

  • Monitor current charges and payments.

  • Set text/email reminders for due dates.

  • Receive notifications for high usage alerts.

Keep your contact info up to date to avoid missed postal mail or shut offs. Monitor usage to catch leaks early. And enroll in paperless billing to save paper.

Payment Receipts & Confirmation

Every transaction on the online payment portal generates a confirmation email and receipt for your records.

The receipt will show:

  • Payment amount and processing date
  • Account number paid
  • Confirmation number
  • Payment method used

Save these receipts in case you need to reference past payments. Log into your account anytime to view payment history and download or print past receipts.

Other Ways to Pay

If you prefer not to pay online, Roswell offers several other water bill payment options:

  • Mail – Send checks/money orders to PO Box 1838, Roswell, NM 88202.

  • Phone – Call 575-624-6711 to pay by credit card or electronic check.

  • In person – Visit 415 N Richardson Ave. Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 4 PM.

  • Drop box – After hours box located at 421 N Richardson Ave.

Payments are processed faster online. But alternatives are available if needed.

Avoid Late Fees and Shut Offs

Water payments in Roswell are due by the 25th of each month. Avoid:

  • Late fees – 10% penalty added if not paid on time.

  • Shut off – Water service will be disconnected for non-payment after multiple months of delinquency.

Stay current on bills to dodge fees and outages. The online system makes it easier than ever to pay on time, every time.

Payment Plan Options

If you fall behind on payments, Roswell offers payment plan options so you can gradually get caught up:

  • Plans must be arranged in person at 415 N Richardson Ave.

  • Plans allow past due balance to be paid over multiple months.

  • Eligibility requirements must be met to qualify for a payment plan.

Contact Roswell Utilities at 575-624-6711 if you need access to a payment plan to avoid disconnection.

Budget Billing for Consistent Payments

Roswell provides a budget billing program to level out payments and avoid big swings month-to-month. This sets your bill at an average over the prior 12 months.

To start budget billing:

  • Contact Roswell Utilities at 575-624-6711 to request enrollment.
  • Must have 12 months of billing history at your home.
  • Your budget amount recalculates quarterly based on latest usage.

This can make summer bills more affordable by evening out your payments.

Monitoring Water Usage Activity

Log into your online account anytime to monitor your daily and monthly water usage.

Watch for:

  • Unusually high usage that may indicate leaks.

  • Spikes during irrigation season if overwatering.

  • Progress in reducing wasteful water habits.

Keep an eye on your figures to catch problems early. The online charts make it easy to understand your consumption patterns.

Update Contact Details to Avoid Shut Off

If Roswell doesn’t have your current mailing address and phone number, you risk missing important notices about past due bills and impending shut offs.

To update:

  • Log into your online account and update your profile details under “My Profile”.

  • Or call 575-624-6711 to provide new contact information over the phone.

Make sure your details stay current in Roswell’s system to avoid avoidable shut offs.

Customer Support for Billing Questions

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the City of Roswell Utilities Department if you need assistance:

  • Phone: 575-624-6711

  • Email: [email protected]

  • In Person: 415 N Richardson Ave, Roswell, NM

Their team can help with billing questions, payment issues, reviewing your water usage, clarifying charges and any other utility related needs.

Convenient Online Water Bill Pay is Here

Gone are the days of writing and mailing checks to the City of Roswell each month. With the user-friendly online self-service portal, you can now efficiently pay your water bill electronically on your own schedule. Sign up for automatic payments to take the chore out of monthly bills. And use the online account tools to monitor your consumption and avoid surprise bills. Paying your Roswell water bill online is the way of the future!

Pay Water Bill Online Roswell

On Sept. 1, 2022, the city will begin shutting off water to delinquent accounts that have not arranged a payment plan with the city.  Customers are responsible for amounts billed as of Jan. 1, 2022, and must maintain proper payment of their accounts moving forward. If your account is delinquent, please make proper payment or arrangements immediately so your water service will not be disconnected. Any account that is disconnected must be paid in full before it will be reconnected.  Payment can be made by any of multiple options: • The City of Roswell accepts cash, check, credit/debit cards (in person or online) or money order.  • Phone payments are accepted (575-624-6711). • Online payment can be made at  • Payments can be mailed to or dropped off at the Utility Billing Office (415 N. Richardson Ave.) or placed in the payment drop box on North Richardson Avenue across from the Utility Billing Office. Any account holder who is unable to pay an outstanding balance may come by the Utility Billing Office to request a payment plan. This must be done in person. The length of the payment plan will be based on the total amount owed. To be eligible for the Extended Payment Program, the account holder must:  Be delinquent in payment for water services and have received a past-due notice, and  2. Have a satisfactory payment history with the utility. A satisfactory payment history means the customer has never failed to comply with all terms of any prior Extended Payment Agreement with the Utility and during the previous 18 months the customer has not had more than two of the following: issuance of a non-sufficient funds (NSF) check to the Utility or a similar returned credit item; the posting of a turn-off tag by the Utility on the service; or termination of the service, and  3. Have an account classified as a metered single-family residence; multi-family residence with individually metered units, or commercial account. Any disconnected account that remains with an outstanding balance is subject to the placement of a property lien and/or collection action being pursued in Magistrate Court. If you have questions, please call the Water Billing Office at 575-624-671

The City of Roswells water customer online self-pay and recurring payment system has changed. The previous system is no longer available. It has been replaced by a new system designed to be easier for customers to use.

To access the new system, you may continue using the same bill pay links on the City website or visit click here. All customers will need to set up a new account on the new system. For more information or assistance, please call the Utility Billing Office at (575) 624-6711. FB-4WaystoPay - revised hours

The Utilities Billing Department consists of 6 employees all working together to provide the citizens of Roswell with water services.

Our major task is to accurately gather the necessary information to keep the water flowing to some 18,000 households and to prepare our customers monthly water usage bills.

This process is accomplished by physically reading water meters, analyzing the data and submitting these results for billing purposes.

The department also acts as the payment collect point for the citys water bills and to assist customers on a variety of issues concerning the citys water system.

Anyone experiencing any problems related to a meter should call Central Control at (575) 347- 5421. If there is a leak around the new water meter, please do not call a plumber. Make sure to contact Central Control.

Anyone with questions or concerns about a water bill is encouraged to call (575) 624-6711 or send an email.

The City of Roswell may put into effect an annual water and sewer rate adjustment as established by city ordinance. This adjustment is based on the Consumer Price Index associated with utility costs. The actual increase translates to different dollar amounts for different customers depending on the customers meter size and water usage.

The adjustment, established in a 2013 city ordinance, adjusts the water and sewer rates to ensure the city has sufficient revenue to take care of system maintenance. Although the sanitation fee is also on the water/sewer bill, this adjustment impacts only water and sewer rates.

Accounts must be brought up to date

The City of Roswell Water Billing Office is currently requiring all past-due accounts to be paid, and/or a payment plan established, in order to avoid services being shut off to the account customer. If you need to bring your account payments up to date, please come by so the staff can work with you to assist you in taking care of your account.

Online Water Bill Payment System How To

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