How to Pay Your Best Life Dental Insurance Bill

If you have Best Life dental insurance, you can keep your teeth healthy without spending a lot of money. To keep your policy active, you must pay your dental insurance premium on time every month or three months. Best Life offers several convenient payment options to choose from.

Why Paying Your Bill Matters

It’s important to pay your Best Life dental insurance premium by the due date each month Late payments can result in fees or possible cancellation of your policy, You could even be denied eligibility to re-enroll later

By paying on time you ensure seamless uninterrupted dental and vision benefits for you and your family. Review your statement carefully each month and contact Best Life customer service if you ever have questions.

Payment Options from Best Life

Best Life offers flexibility when it comes to paying your monthly or quarterly premium bill You can choose the payment method that works best for your needs and budget

Pay Online

Online bill payment through the Best Life member portal is the best way for many members to pay their bill. Your premium will be taken out on time every month if you set up automatic payments from a bank account or credit card.

You can also log in to manually make online payments any time with an electronic check or credit/debit card. Online payments are fast, secure, and you get instant payment confirmation.

Pay by Phone

To speak with a representative, you can call Best Life at 1-800-433-0088 and make a payment over the phone using an electronic check or credit/debit card. Have your account information and payment details ready when you call.

Pay by Mail

If you prefer to pay by check or money order, simply mail your payment to the address listed on your statement. Be sure to include your payment stub and write your member ID on the check. Allow 5-7 business days for mailed payments.

Pay in Person

Some collection agencies like MoneyGram may allow you to pay your Best Life bill in cash. Check with the billing department to see if in-person payments are accepted. There may be fees for paying your premium bill in person.

Automatic Payments

Sign up for automatic payments to have your monthly premium automatically deducted from a bank account or charged to a credit card. Automatic payments prevent late fees and keep your policy active.

Budget Billing

With budget billing, you pay a fixed amount each month based on your projected annual premium costs. This helps avoid spikes during renewal periods. Your monthly budget amount is adjusted periodically as needed.

Avoid Late Fees and Cancellation

Paying late results in penalty fees and risks having your policy cancelled. If cancelled for nonpayment, you’ll have to reapply and may not qualify for the same rates.

Set payment reminders and carefully review your bill each month. Contact member services immediately if you anticipate any issues paying on time. They’ll discuss options to keep your benefits active.

Look into Assistance Programs

If you’re experiencing financial hardship and can’t afford premiums, Best Life may be able to help. Ask about premium assistance programs and discounts you may qualify for based on age, military service, or other criteria.

Nonprofit organizations may also provide financial assistance for dental insurance costs. Explore all available resources if you need help paying your Best Life dental premium.

Know What You Owe Each Month

When you first enroll, your initial premium bill will be for 2-3 months of coverage to prepay your first quarter. Thereafter, payments are due monthly or quarterly.

Your payment amount will vary based on your policy type, deductible, coverage levels selected, and family size. Carefully review your policy documents so you know what to expect each billing period.

Confirm Coverage Details

It’s important to verify that billing for your Best Life dental policy aligns with the coverage you actually have. Confirm your ID card shows the correct policy effective date, deductible amount, co-insurance percentages, and other benefit details.

Reporting any discrepancies quickly ensures claims will be processed accurately. You want to pay the proper premium amount for the coverage you’re receiving.

Understand Billing Cycles

Most Best Life dental policies renew on January 1st each year. This means you’ll get a new premium quote 1-2 months prior during open enrollment. Make sure to review any rate changes at renewal.

Your billing periods may shift to align with the new plan year effective date. This is normal but reviewing the billing calendar prevents confusion. You’ll want to anticipate when payments are due.

Set Up Electronic Billing

Opting for electronic monthly statements and emailed reminders helps ensure on-time payments. Paper bills can get lost in the shuffle. E-billing also reduces environmental waste from printed statements.

Providing your email and connecting your member account to your Best Life online account enables digital billing notifications. You’ll get reminders when your statement is ready to view.

Know Payment Deadlines

Most Best Life dental plans have a 30-day grace period for late payments. However, your insurance may lapse if your premium isn’t paid within this window.

Review your policy details to confirm payment deadlines. Mark your calendar with reminders for when payments are due to maintain active coverage.

Avoid Coverage Gaps

Making payments on time ensures there are no gaps in your dental insurance coverage. Lapsed coverage due to nonpayment can cause claims during that period to be denied. This leaves you fully responsible for dental costs.

Don’t let billing errors or overlooked renewal paperwork cause you to lose coverage. Know your payment due dates and confirmation requirements.

Change Your Payment Method

If your payment information changes, be sure to update your Best Life member account right away. You don’t want automatic payments rejected or paper bills sent to an old address.

You can change payment method or account information at any time through your online member account. These updates ensure on-time premium deductions.

Get Answers from Member Services

Best Life wants to make paying your dental insurance premium simple and worry-free. Their dedicated member services team is available to answer billing questions and discuss payment plan options if needed.

Contact them anytime at 1-800-433-0088 for assistance regarding your account balance, upcoming payments, ways to pay, coverage details and more. They’re ready to help!

Staying on top of your monthly or quarterly payments keeps your Best Life dental benefits intact. Follow these tips and take advantage of the convenient billing and payment resources available to members.

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How to cancel Best Life Dental?

If you wish to terminate your plan, contact BEST Life at 877.205. 8767 within 35 days of your exchange termination date to stop your payments and we will terminate your plan as of the original Marketplace/Exchange termination date on record.

What are the hours for best life?

For questions about a claim payment, contact BEST Life’s Customer Service at 800-433-0088 or at [email protected], Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm Pacific Time.

What benefits does best life offer?

BEST Life has been providing dental benefits to individuals, families and employers for more than 45 years with quality plans and affordable rates. More Choice. More Savings. Members have the freedom to choose any dental provider of their choice, plus get additional cost-savings with access to our national and regional networks.

How do I contact best life online banking?

Online Banking Credit/Debit Card Check by Fax Mail Customer Service Tel800.433.0088 Fax208.893.5040 General Customer Service [email protected] For Brokers [email protected] For Plan Administrators [email protected] Monday – Friday5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST For Language Assistance877.205.8767 (TTY: 711)

Does a best life dental plan cover implants?

Every BEST Life dental plan includes coverage for injuries to sound, natural teeth of up to $1,000 per incident. And it’s not counted toward the calendar year maximum benefit. Our dental plans provide coverage for implants.

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