Big O Tires Hours of Operation

Big O Tires is one of the leading automotive service and tire stores in the United States. With over 600 locations nationwide, Big O Tires has become a trusted name for those looking for quality service and products. Whether you’re in need of an oil change, battery replacement, brake repair, or any other service, Big O Tires is here to get you back on the road. Furthermore, with a wide selection of tires, customers can be sure to find the perfect fit for their vehicle. Knowing the store hours of your local Big O Tires can make your service experience even easier. In this blog, we will discuss the Big O Tires hours and what to expect when visiting a store.

Big O Tires Business Hours

Big O Tires is a tire business that is privately owned and run. In addition to selling parts and accessories, the business also offers automotive services. For help with products, you can contact your local store or the customer service department [] by phone, email, regular mail, or through social media.

Big O Tires Regular Business Hours

  • Weekdays: The store hours vary by location. To learn the precise hours of your neighborhood store, you must use the store locator []. The shops are usually open from Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm local time. If a holiday falls on a weekday or weekend, the operating hours will change.
  • Weekends: Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. local time, the shops are open. The stores are closed on Sundays. Get more information about the hours of operation by contacting your local customer service department.

Big O Tires Holiday Hours

The stores will adjust hours during the holidays. The observed holidays include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve

Big O Tires Special Event Hours

Several of the stores host special events. For more information about the event, get in touch with the customer service department or your neighborhood store.

Contacting Big O Tires to Verify Business Hours

  • Contact information for the customer service department is 1-800-321-2446. You can also contact the corporate headquarters by calling 1-866-834-2652. The customer service line is available around-the-clock, seven days a week. During regular business hours, customers can also contact the customer service staff at their nearby store.
  • Email Address: Using the customer feedback form, you can send an email to the customer service department. Within 48 hours, the customer service department will respond to your inquiries.
  • Mail: Big O Tires’ corporate headquarters are located at 4280 Professional Center Drive, where you can contact the customer service division. Suite 400 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.
  • Social media: Use social media to contact the customer service team. Within 24 hours, you will observe that the customer service department will respond to your general inquiries on Facebook [], Twitter [], and YouTube [].


How long does an alignment take?

Under normal circumstances, a wheel alignment will take an average of one hour, whether it’s a two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive vehicle. If there’s too much wear and tear or damage on the suspension system, steering bushing, track rod, or other parts, it’ll take a longer time as some components have to be replaced.

How much do big tires cost?

General Tire Pricing
Wheel Size All-Season Performance
Large (18” – 26”). Primarily trucks, all-terrain, utility, and performance vehicles. $140 – $170 (average cost per tire) $200 – $1000

How often do you need to rotate your tires?

On average, how you know when to rotate tires depends on vehicle mileage. Namely, it’s a best practice to rotate tires every 5,000 to 7,500 miles or so. This is a rule of thumb, however, and you’ll want to double-check with your vehicle’s owner’s manual for more specific information.

When should I replace my tires?

Check For Tread Depth

To meet legal safety standards in the U.S., a tire’s tread needs to be at least 2/32” deep. If the tires do not meet the 2/32” standard or are approaching not meeting it, you should replace your tires. When replacing tires, it’s important to select the right tire size for your vehicle.

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