How to Pay Your Lock-It-Up Self Storage Bill Online

Renting a storage unit provides a convenient way to safely store your extra belongings and free up space in your home. But remembering to pay your storage bill each month is key to avoiding any late fees or disruption of access to your unit. For Lock-It-Up Self Storage customers, paying your bill online is quick and easy.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about paying your Lock-It-Up storage bill online including how to create an account, payment methods, when bills are due, late fees, and more.

Benefits of Paying Online

Paying your Lock-It-Up storage bill online provides several benefits

  • Convenience – Pay anytime, 24/7 access. Avoid mailing in checks or visiting the facility.

  • Payment Receipt – Get instant confirmation when your payment is made.

  • Auto Pay – Set up recurring payments to pay automatically each month.

  • Security – Secure encrypted connection protects your payment info.

  • Rewards – Some credit cards provide rewards points for online payments.

  • No Late Fees – Pay on time, every time when you pay online.

How to Set Up An Online Account

To get started paying your storage bill online, you first need to set up an account on the Lock-It-Up website:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the facility location where your storage unit is rented.

  3. Click “Sign Up” under the login box.

  4. Enter your contact information and create a username and password.

  5. You will need your account number, which can be found on your lease agreement or by calling your Lock-It-Up facility.

Once your account is created, you can now login anytime to pay your bill, view payment history, update payment methods, and more.

Payment Methods Accepted

Lock-It-Up accepts the following payment methods when paying your storage bill online:

  • Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

  • Debit Cards – Debit cards with a Visa, Mastercard or Discover logo

  • eChecks – Direct withdrawals from your checking account.

When entering your card or eCheck details, make sure all the information is accurate to avoid any payment issues.

When Storage Bills Are Due

Lock-It-Up storage bills are due on the 1st of each month.

Payment must be received by the 10th to avoid late fees. If you pay online, your payment is considered on time as long as it is submitted by 11:59 pm on the 10th.

Bills paid after the 10th will incur a late fee equal to 10% of your monthly rental rate. Make sure to pay your storage bill on time each month to avoid these unnecessary extra costs.

Auto Pay for Storage Bill

The easiest way to pay your Lock-It-Up storage bill on time every month is by setting up automatic payments. With Auto Pay, the amount due will be automatically charged to your credit card or withdrawn from your checking account each month.

To set up Auto Pay:

  1. Login to your online account

  2. Click on “My Account” and select “Auto Pay Accounts”

  3. Choose your payment method and enter the details

  4. Check the box to authorize recurring automatic payments

With Auto Pay enabled, you don’t have to worry about missing a payment deadline again! The funds will be automatically withdrawn on the 1st of each month to pay your bill.

Getting Payment Receipts

When you pay your Lock-It-Up storage bill online, you will receive an instant emailed receipt confirming your payment. This receipt will include details like:

  • Payment amount

  • Payment date

  • Facility location

  • Confirmation number

  • Billing period covered

Save these emailed receipts for your records. You can also log in to your online account at any time to view your payment history and print previous receipts if needed.

Online Account Tools

Your Lock-It-Up online account provides a few other useful tools for managing your storage billing and payments:

  • Update payment method – Change the credit card or bank account your bill is paid from.

  • View statements – See current and past billing statements with rental charges.

  • Make one-time payments – Manually pay your bill online without Auto Pay.

  • View payment history – See all past payments and receipts.

  • Update contact info – Keep your phone and email up to date.

Avoiding Late Fees

As mentioned, your Lock-It-Up storage bill must be paid by the 10th each month to avoid a 10% late fee. Here are some tips to ensure your payment is on time:

  • Set up Auto Pay so it’s done automatically

  • Pay as soon as you get the bill rather than waiting

  • Mark your calendar with each month’s due date

  • Sign up for bill pay reminders from your storage facility

  • Check your online account to confirm payment was received

Paying late can quickly become an expensive habit. So take advantage of the convenient online payment options to pay your storage bill on time, every time.

Changes to Your Storage Rental

If you add or remove services from your Lock-It-Up storage rental, your monthly bill total will change accordingly. Some things that can alter your bill include:

  • Upgrading to a larger storage unit
  • Downgrading to a smaller unit
  • Renting multiple units
  • Adding insurance coverage
  • Discontinuing 24/7 facility access

Your invoice will always reflect your latest rental agreement charges. Be sure to update your Auto Pay information if switching checking/credit card accounts.

Moving Out – Stopping Storage Payments

When you are ready to move out and no longer need your Lock-It-Up storage unit, there are a couple steps you need to take:

  1. Provide Notice – Give written notice 30 days in advance of your move out date. Verbal notice is typically not accepted.

  2. Pay Final Bill – You are responsible for payment through the end of your 30 day notice period.

  3. Clean Unit – Sweep out your unit and remove all belongings prior to turning in your keys/access code.

  4. Close Account – Notify facility staff that you are moving out so they can close your account.

Once everything is moved out and your final bill is paid, your account will be closed and monthly billing will stop. Make sure to disable Auto Pay on your online account as well.

Getting a Bill Refund

If you move out in the middle of a billing cycle, you may be entitled to a prorated refund for any unused rental days that were already paid for.

To get a refund, contact your Lock-It-Up storage facility after moving out. Unused funds will be credited back to your original payment method.

No partial month refunds are provided if you vacate after the 1st of the month.

Contacting Customer Service

If you have any issues paying your bill online or have general questions about your storage account, Lock-It-Up’s customer service team is ready to help:

  • Call your storage facility directly during office hours

  • Email the facility manager

  • Submit a question through the website contact form

  • Reach out to Lock-It-Up’s corporate office:

    Phone: (925) 462-8648

    Email: [email protected]

The Lock-It-Up staff can provide assistance with payment issues, using your online account, updating billing details, and any other storage account needs.

Convenience of Online Storage Payments

Paying your self storage bill doesn’t have to be a chore each month. The online account options offered by Lock-It-Up make it quick and convenient to pay on time, every time. Sign up for automatic payments to take the hassle out of remembering payment deadlines.

Follow the instructions provided in this guide to get setup with online bill pay and manage your Lock-It-Up storage account from your computer or mobile device. And be sure to avoid any late fees by paying your bill by the 10th of each month. Reach out to customer service if you ever have any questions or issues with your storage payment.

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