How to Pay Your Tuscaloosa Water Bill Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Paying your water bill is a necessary chore that can sometimes be confusing or frustrating. The City of Tuscaloosa offers online bill payment to make this process quick and easy for residents. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to pay your Tuscaloosa water bill online.

Why Pay Your Water Bill Online?

Paying online provides many advantages over mailing in a check or paying in person

  • It’s fast and convenient – Skip the lines and paperwork by paying in just a few clicks from your computer or mobile device

  • Pay anytime, anywhere – The online payment system is available 24/7, so you can pay on your schedule.

  • Get reminders and view history – The online account system stores your payment history and can send email reminders when your bill is due.

  • Avoid late fees – Paying online ensures your payment arrives on time, avoiding costly late charges.

  • It’s secure and reliable – The City of Tuscaloosa uses industry-standard encryption to keep your information safe,

Step 1: Log In or Register for an Online Account

To get started paying your water bill online, you’ll first need to have an account on the City of Tuscaloosa’s website.

If you already have an account, simply go to and log in with your email and password.

If you’re new to paying online, click the “Register” button to create a free account. You’ll need to provide some basic contact information and verify your account by email.

Step 2: Add Your Water Account to Your Profile

Once logged in, you’ll need to add your specific water account to your online profile if it’s not already there.

To do this, click “Add New Water Account” and enter your 10-digit account number and 4-digit customer number, which can be found on your printed water bill.

This links your online account to your actual water account so you can view balances and payment history. You can add multiple water accounts to the same online profile if needed.

Step 3: Select Payment Method

Under the “Pay Water Bill” tab, you’ll see a screen showing your current balance. Click “Make Payment” to proceed.

You can pay by e-check (free) or debit/credit card (fee of $1.95 applies). Enter your payment info and confirm to continue.

For recurring payments, toggle “Auto Pay” to on and enter the date you want payments processed monthly. The amount due will automatically be paid each period.

Step 4: Review and Submit Payment

On the next screen, review all the payment details including amount, account number, and payment method.

Click “Process Payment” if everything looks correct. You’ll see a confirmation screen and receive a receipt by email after your payment is processed.

And that’s it! By registering your account and storing your payment details, paying your Tuscaloosa water bill online will be a breeze each month.

Tips for Managing Your Water Account Online

Your online account provides many useful features beyond just payments:

  • View past bills and payment history – Download or print records as needed.

  • Monitor water usage – Charts show your monthly and daily consumption. Identify spikes to address leaks.

  • Update profile and contact info – Keep your email, phone, and mailing address up-to-date.

  • Receive reminders and alerts – Get emails when your bill is ready and due.

  • Go paperless – Opt out of mailed paper bills to save trees.

  • Ask questions – Submit inquiries directly to the utility billing department.

  • Schedule disconnection or shutoff – Temporarily disable service for vacations, renovations, etc.

Troubleshooting Common Water Bill Payment Issues

Despite the convenience of paying online, you may occasionally encounter problems or errors. Here are some tips for resolving the most common situations:

Can’t log in to your account: First, double check that you’re using the correct email and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it through the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. You’ll need to enter your email and answer your security question.

Account not found: If you receive an “account not found” error when entering your account number, verify that you have the correct 10-digit account number and 4-digit customer number from your latest bill. Avoid copying numbers from older bills, as your account number may have changed.

Payment rejected or declined: Your bank may reject an online payment if you exceed your daily debit/credit limit or have insufficient funds. Log in to your bank account to check for holds or contact your bank if issues persist. You can try paying again once the problem is resolved.

Late fees charged: Payments must be submitted by 5 PM on the due date to avoid late fees. Allow 2-3 business days for online payments to process. If charged late fees in error, contact the utility billing department to request a reversal.

Didn’t receive receipt: Check your spam folder for the confirmation email after paying. If not received, you can view payment receipts and history directly on your online account. Email the utility billing department if you need copies of receipts.

Water was shut off after payment: If your water service was disconnected, paying outstanding bills does not automatically restore service. Call or email the utility department to request reconnection after paying overdue amounts. A reconnect fee may apply.

Payment Assistance and Billing Questions

If you’re struggling to pay your water bill or have questions about the amount you owe, the City of Tuscaloosa offers various forms of assistance:

  • The H2O Foundation provides bill payment aid to households in need. Apply online through their website.

  • Payment arrangements can be made by calling the billing department to spread payments over several months.

  • The billing department can investigate unusually high water usage that may indicate leaks or meter issues.

  • Discounts are available for seniors 65+ and permanently disabled residents.

For any billing inquiries or issues with your water account, customers can call 205-248-5500 or email [email protected]. The utility billing department is open Monday-Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM, excluding holidays.

Conveniently Manage All Your City of Tuscaloosa Accounts

In addition to water bills, you can manage various other accounts online with the City of Tuscaloosa:

  • Garbage and trash collection – Pay garbage/recycling pickup bills and request cart repairs or replacements.

  • Traffic citations – View unpaid citations, make one-time fine payments, or create payment plans.

  • Permits – Apply for and pay for building permits, electrical permits, mechanical permits, plumbing permits, demolition permits, sign permits, flood plain permits, and other development permits.

  • Business license payments – Renew and pay for your annual City of Tuscaloosa business license.

Access your full account dashboard by logging into Managing all your municipal services in one place has never been easier.

Paying Your Water Bill In Person

While paying online is preferred for convenience, you can also pay your water bill in person at:

City Hall
2201 University Blvd
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

City Hall is open Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM. Cash, check, money order, and credit/debit cards are accepted for in-person payments.

You can also mail in a check or money order payable to City of Tuscaloosa Utility Billing:

City of Tuscaloosa
PO Box 2089
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403

Just be sure to allow 7-10 days for mailed payments to avoid late fees. Include your remittance stub or write your account number on the check.

Pay Tuscaloosa Water Bill

Delinquent Accounts and Service Restoration

  • Payments must be received in our office by the bill delinquent date. Otherwise, the account is subject to service interruption and additional fees.
  • If water service is disconnected for non-payment, the customer must pay the outstanding balance in full, including fees, before service will be restored.
  • Making a payment after service has been disconnected does not automatically schedule the reconnection of service. Customers should contact the Water Business Office either in person, by email at [email protected] or by phone during business hours at 205-248-5500 to request service reconnection.
  • Customers who have made payment and filed for service reconnection should insure that all faucets and fixtures are turned off at the service address. Technicians cannot leave a meter on at an address where water is believed to be left running. If this occurs then the technician will leave notice at the address and the customer will need to contact the Water Business Office to reschedule reconnection.
  • Disconnected or inactive accounts that continue to use water without properly reactivating the account may result in the meter being locked or pulled and additional fees being added to the account without further notice to the customer.

Pay Water and Sewer bills online

Will Tuscaloosa reinstate online bill payments for water & sewer services?

The City of Tuscaloosa has reinstated online bill payments for water and sewer services beginning Monday, Oct. 5. Online services were temporarily suspended following a ransomware attack on Tyler Technologies, a vendor providing billing software used by the City.

How do I pay my water bill in Tuscaloosa?

Pay your water/trash bill online with bank draft or any major credit/debit card. Missed your garbage pickup? It happens to the best of us. Report your issue to 311. Tuscaloosa recycles! We’re glad you do, too. We’re happy to help you keep Tuscaloosa clean and green. Let’s be honest – you probably don’t want to look at us right now.

Who is responsible for a Tuscaloosa water & sewer account?

By opening an account with the City of Tuscaloosa Water & Sewer Department a customer accepts full responsibility for the account and any amounts due on that account until such time as the customer contacts the City to close the account or until the account is transferred to another individual.

Why did Tuscaloosa suspend online payment options for water and sewer services?

“Temporarily suspending online payment options for water and sewer services was necessary to ensure that all steps were being taken to best serve and protect our community,” said Tuscaloosa Chief Information Officer Chuck Crocker. “After further investigation, we feel confident that online payments can now be made safely and securely.”

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