How to Pay Your Pennsylvania American Water Bill Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Paying your water bill online is the fastest and easiest way to stay on top of your Pennsylvania American Water charges With the MyWater customer portal, you can view your latest bill, make one-time payments, and enroll in automatic payments This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions for paying your Pennsylvania American Water bill online.

Overview of Online Bill Payment Options

Pennsylvania American Water offers several convenient online payment options:

  • MyWater Customer Portal – Log in at to make one-time payments, set up Auto Pay, go paperless, and more.

  • – Make one-time credit card or bank account payments without logging in.

  • Phone Pay – Call 1-855-748-6066 anytime to pay over the phone with a card.

  • Bank Bill Pay – Schedule payments through your own bank’s online banking platform.

To use these online options, you will need your 16-digit Pennsylvania American Water account number and a bank account or credit card. Payments made online before 7 PM ET are typically processed the next business day.

Step 1: Log Into Your MyWater Account

The MyWater customer portal allows you to manage your account and pay your bill online.

To log in or enroll:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your Pennsylvania American Water account number or phone number associated with your account.

  3. Follow the prompts to create your online account credentials.

  4. Read and accept the terms of use.

Once your MyWater account is created, you can log in anytime with your username and password. If you forget your credentials, use the self-service options on MyWater to reset.

Step 2: View Your Current Bill

After logging into your MyWater account, you can view your latest Pennsylvania American Water bill to review your charges before paying.

On the MyWater dashboard, find the Bills & Payments section. Select “View Bills” to see your current bill statement.

Review your account number, billing date, previous balance, payments made, water usage charges, and total now due for the current billing period. Understanding your charges is key before paying your bill.

Step 3: Make a One-Time Payment

When ready to pay your water bill, you have a couple quick payment options in MyWater:

Pay by Card

  1. Under Bills & Payments, select “Pay Bill”

  2. Choose “Pay by Card” and pick Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express

  3. Enter your card details and submit payment

Pay by Bank Account

  1. Select “Pay Bill” then choose “Pay from Bank Account”

  2. Provide your checking or savings account information

  3. Review payment details and submit

One-time payments made by 7 PM ET are typically applied to your account the next business day.

Step 4: Enroll in Auto Pay

For ongoing bill payment convenience, enroll in Auto Pay in MyWater to have your bill paid automatically each month.

  1. Under MyProfile, go to Payment Methods

  2. Select AutoPay Enrollment

  3. Choose your bank account or credit/debit card

  4. Pick your payment date and accept the terms

Your bill will now be paid automatically on the date you selected every month.

Step 5: Pay Without Logging In

You can also make quick one-time payments at without logging into MyWater.

On the payment page:

  1. Select Pennsylvania as your state.

  2. Enter your 16-digit Pennsylvania American Water account number.

  3. Choose your payment method and details.

  4. Review and submit your payment.

Remember, one-time payments here take 1 business day to process.

Step 6: Pay Through Your Bank

Most banks allow you to pay bills directly from their website or mobile app.

  1. Log into your bank’s online banking platform.

  2. Add Pennsylvania American Water as a payee using your account number.

  3. Schedule one-time or recurring payments to be deducted from your bank account.

Payments through your bank take 2-3 business days to process, so schedule payments well before your bill’s due date.

Tips for Managing Your Water Account Online

  • Go paperless with eBills to save paper and get reminders when your bill is ready.

  • Set payment reminders to avoid late fees.

  • Check your usage trends in MyWater to detect leaks or changes in behavior.

  • Update your payment method before its expiration date to avoid disruptions.

  • Contact customer support if you need help with your online account.

Paying your Pennsylvania American Water bill through MyWater,, or your own bank’s bill pay provides a fast, easy way to stay on top of your charges. Follow this guide to view your water usage, make one-time payments, and set up automatic payments online.

Pennsylvania American Water Online Bill Pay

Higher bills coming for Pennsylvania American Water customers?


How do I pay my PA American water bill by phone?

Call 1-855-748-6066 to pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or your bank account (Electronic Check). Be sure to have your 16 digit account number handy which can be found on your bill.

Does Pennsylvania American Water have an app for Android?

Android Apps by PA-American Water FCU on Google Play.

How do I pay my Kentucky American water bill without signing in?

To pay without registering for an account, visit Be sure to have your account number handy. We are pleased to announce that the $1.95 third-party transaction fee for paying your bill by credit card has been eliminated.

How can I Manage my Pennsylvania American water account?

In this section, you’ll find useful information about your service, your bill, and your rights and responsibilities as a Pennsylvania American Water customer. We’ve always offered 24-hour customer service, but now that service is even more convenient when you manage your account online. By managing your account online through MyWater, you can:

How do I get my Pennsylvania American water bill?

Visit MyWater today! Customers can request to receive their Pennsylvania American Water bill in Braille, large print or as an audio file by contacting our Customer Service Center. Please note, customers requesting an alternate format will continue to receive their regular print format or paperless bill on time.

Does Pennsylvania American water accept payments?

Pennsylvania American Water has agreements with several authorized payment locations across the state. Please note that this list changes periodically. Customers are encouraged to call the location first, to ensure they still accept payments for Pennsylvania American Water. Please note these locations DO NOT accept payments by mail.

How do I pay my aqua water bill in Pennsylvania?

Aqua Pennsylvania, an Essential Utilities Company, serves more than 1.4 million residents in 32 counties across the Keystone State. Pennsylvania customers can pay their Aqua water bill online through WaterSmart e-billing or any number of convenient ways to pay.

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