Streamlining Rent Payments with Wavecrest Management’s Online Portal

Paying rent can feel like a chore – hunting down account numbers, writing checks, mailing payments and waiting for confirmation. For many renters, the process is stuck in the past compared to the digital conveniences we now enjoy elsewhere.

Fortunately, forward-thinking property management companies are modernizing rent payment with easy online portals One such platform is Wavecrest Management’s online system for their tenants to directly view statements and pay rent online

In this article, I’ll explain who Wavecrest Management is, how their online resident portal works, key features that simplify payments, and overall benefits for renters. Read on to learn how this technology brings rent payment into the 21st century.

Overview of Wavecrest Management

Wavecrest Management is a property management company based in New York that oversees over 6,500 residential units across the city They manage affordable housing developments, market rate rentals, and mixed-income properties

The company is known for their hands-on, community-focused approach to property management They emphasize close relationships with residents and providing excellent living environments

Part of Wavecrest’s commitment to service excellence involves offering state-of-the-art technology for a better resident experience. Their online portal provides an easy way for tenants to directly manage their rent payments.

Introducing the Resident Portal

Wavecrest launched their resident portal to make rent payment and account management convenient for tenants. The secure website and mobile app allow renters to:

  • Pay rent online
  • Review account balance
  • Access billing statements
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Submit maintenance requests
  • Message property staff

Everything is accessible 24/7 in an easy-to-use digital platform. The portal eliminates frustrations of traditional rent payment while improving transparency.

Who Can Use the Resident Portal?

The portal is available to all current Wavecrest residents across their portfolio of managed properties. Once your lease is signed, you receive credentials to login and activate your online account.

The platform syncs with Wavecrest’s property management system, allowing immediate access to your profile and billing data. Everything is automated for a hassle-free setup.

Key Features for Online Rent Payment

Wavecrest’s resident portal really shines when it comes to paying rent online. Features include:

  • Electronic Statements – View and download itemized rent statements.

  • Payment History – See past payments and balances in your account.

  • One-time & Auto-Pay – Make manual one-off payments or set up recurring auto-pay.

  • Credit & Debit Card – Pay directly by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

  • ACH Payments – Securely link checking accounts to withdraw rent.

  • Convenience Fees – Absorbed fees to make transactions easy and painless.

  • Receipts – Access digital receipts and confirmations for payments.

  • Reminders – Get rent due date notifications and alerts to avoid late fees.

  • Mobile Access – Pay anytime, anywhere right from your smartphone.

Step-by-Step Rent Payment Process

The system walks you through rent payment in just a few intuitive steps:

  1. Login to the resident portal website or mobile app.

  2. Navigate to the payments page.

  3. Enter payment amount (system defaults to outstanding balance).

  4. Select payment method – card, bank account, or alternate option.

  5. Submit payment and receive instant emailed confirmation.

  6. Payment is immediately applied to your account.

Easy as that! The portal stores your details for quick one-click payments each month going forward.

Benefits for Property Managers and Residents

Online rent payment platforms offer advantages for property managers and residents:

For property managers:

  • Reduce accounting workload

  • Improve payment processing efficiency

  • Minimize errors entering/posting payments

  • Lower paper statement costs

  • Provide 24/7 resident accessibility

For residents:

  • Pay rent anytime, anywhere in minutes

  • Set up convenient recurring payments

  • Receive automated reminders and confirmations

  • Go paperless with online statements

  • Submit faster maintenance requests

  • Avoid check/money order fees

  • Enhanced overall resident experience

Bringing Rent Payment to the Digital Age

For too long, paying rent has been an analog process. Wavecrest Management’s online resident portal finally brings this vital task into the digital age.

With easy online account access, fast payment processing, and smooth automated workflows, the portal simplifies your monthly rental burden. If you live in a Wavecrest-managed building, leverage their technology to make rent payment painless. Sign up for an account to experience the digital future of reliable and responsive property management.

Wavecrest Management Pay Your Bill

Wavecrest Management


How do I contact Wavecrest management pay bill?

(718) 463-1200. We hope to hear from you soon!

How do I contact Wavecrest?

(718) 463-1200. We hope to hear from you soon! Contact Us If you are interested in Wavecrest’s management services, partnering with us on resident services, or have any questions about our projects, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (718) 463-1200. We hope to hear from you soon!

Should I rent with Wavecrest management?

DO NOT rent with Wavecrest Management. 0 stars if I could. In the middle of the night on February 5th, 2023, there was a pipe burst in my building, causing major leaks in my apartment. The aftermath was horrendous – ruined clothes, sneaker and damaged walls / ceilings.

How to submit Wavecrest Management Application PDF?

Stick to these simple instructions to get Wavecrest Management Application Pdf prepared for submitting: Choose the document you require in our collection of legal forms. Open the form in the online editing tool. Read through the guidelines to discover which data you must include. Click the fillable fields and add the required details.

Who is Wavecrest management team?

The Wavecrest Management Team Ltd. specializes in the management of affordable rental housing, including HUD Project Based Section 8, tax credit properties, and cooperative/condominium developments. The buildings we manage are located primarily in Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn; in addition to, Nassau and Westchester counties.

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