How to Pay Your Pepco Bill Online with a Credit Card

Paying your electricity bill each month to Pepco doesn’t have to be a hassle Pepco offers a variety of convenient online payment options, including paying your Pepco bill with a credit card on their website This allows you to securely pay your bill from home in just minutes.

In this comprehensive guide we’ll explain the benefits of paying your Pepco bill online with a credit card and walk through the simple step-by-step process.

Overview of Paying Pepco Bills Online

Pepco is an electric and gas utility company that provides energy services to over 894,000 customers in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

To provide more payment flexibility for customers, Pepco offers several options for taking care of your bill online:

  • Pay online with credit/debit card or e-check
  • Set up autopay to have payments drafted from your bank account
  • Go paperless with emailed billing and online account management
  • Use the Pepco mobile app on your smartphone or tablet

Paying online with a credit card is often the quickest and easiest way to pay your Pepco bill. Next we’ll outline the benefits of paying your bill online.

Benefits of Paying Your Pepco Bill Online with a Credit Card

Paying online with a credit card offers many advantages compared to mailing a paper check or paying in person:

  • It’s fast – Get your payment submitted in minutes to avoid late fees
  • It’s easy – Make one-time or recurring payments without writing and mailing checks
  • You can use rewards – Earn points, miles or cash back on your credit card by paying bills
  • It’s secure – Pepco uses encryption and security measures to keep your information safe
  • You have records – Your payment is confirmed online and via email

As long as you have your account number and information from your latest bill available, paying online takes just a few clicks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Your Pepco Bill Online

Follow these simple steps to pay your Pepco electricity or gas bill online with your credit card:

1. Go to the Pepco Online Account Manager

Navigate to and click on the “Pay My Bill” link to access the online account manager.

2. Log In to Your Pepco Account

If you already have an online account, sign in with your username and password. Otherwise, click “Register” to quickly create your online account.

3. Select “Make Payment”

Once logged in, find the “Make Payment” button for the account you want to pay. Double check that the balance matches your latest bill.

4. Enter Your Credit Card Information

Select credit/debit card as the payment method and enter your card number, expiration date, CVV code, and billing zip code.

5. Confirm & Submit Payment

Carefully review the payment amount and card details before clicking “Submit” to finalize the transaction.

6. Get a Confirmation

You will receive a payment confirmation number onscreen and via email. Save this for your records.

And that’s it! By following these steps you can securely pay your Pepco bill online using your credit card in just a few minutes.

Tips for Paying Your Pepco Bill with a Credit Card

Here are some useful tips to ensure paying your Pepco bill with a credit card goes smoothly:

  • Log in to your account regularly to stay on top of your balance
  • Make sure your credit card billing address matches Pepco’s records
  • Consider setting up autopay to have your bill paid automatically each month
  • Keep an eye out for email or app notifications from Pepco about your payment
  • Contact Pepco customer service if you have any trouble with online payments

Paying with a credit card is one of the most convenient ways to keep your Pepco account current. Applying these tips will help you avoid issues and simplify managing your bill online.

Other Ways to Pay Your Pepco Bill Online

Aside from credit cards, Pepco offers a few other options for taking care of your bill digitally:

  • Electronic check – Pay directly from your checking account using your routing and account number.

  • Pepco mobile app – Download the app on your iOS or Android device to pay bills on the go.

  • Autopay – Set up automatic monthly payments directly from your bank account.

  • Budget billing – Pay a fixed amount each month to even out seasonal fluctuations in your bill.

So whether you prefer paying by credit card, bank account, or automatic monthly installments, Pepco has an online payment solution that fits your needs.

Getting Account Help and Managing Services

In addition to making payments, Pepco’s online account manager allows customers to:

  • Monitor daily energy usage and compare bills
  • Set up paperless billing and automatic payments
  • Start, stop, or move service when relocating
  • Report power outages and get updates
  • Request service upgrades and changes
  • Access payment history and billing statements
  • Receive special offers and program alerts
  • And more!

You can take care of virtually any account management task online or via Pepco’s mobile app. So pay your bill with just a few clicks and manage your Pepco services from anywhere, anytime.

Avoiding Scams and Protecting Your Information

With online payments, it’s important to take precautions to keep your information secure:

  • Only use Pepco’s official website – Start at to ensure you’re on the valid payment site.

  • Look for the lock symbol – Verify the website has HTTPS encryption before entering info.

  • Never share your online account password – Pepco will never ask for your password over the phone.

  • Set up account alerts – Get notifications for unusual activity related to your account.

  • Use strong passwords – Don’t use obvious passwords that could be guessed. Change them periodically.

Following good security practices will help you safely pay your Pepco bill online and avoid payment scams.

Paying your Pepco electricity and gas bill online using a credit or debit card is one of the most convenient options available. The Pepco website allows you to securely pay your bill in just minutes from your computer or mobile device. Setting up an online account gives you access to payment history, paperless billing, autopay, and account management features. By following the steps in this guide, you can simplify managing your Pepco account and easily pay your bill online each month with just a few clicks.

Pay Pepco Bill With Credit Card

Does the Pepco Have Payment Plan Options?

Pepco offers several ways to pay your utility bills. These include debit card payments, credit card payments, bank drafts, in-person payments, payments via mail, and phone payments.

Additionally, they provide two different payment options for each customer to choose from:

  • Budget Billing – You can convert your variable monthly billing into 12 equal monthly payments, based on your annual energy usage.
  • Payment Assistance – You can choose from several assistance programs to help pay your bills. These include the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and the Residential Aid Discount (RAD) program.

Furthermore, the company hosts a due date extension program for eligible customers who are unable to pay their current electricity bills or have previous outstanding payments. Extension periods are decided on a case-by-case basis and there is no late charge on payments.

The Pepco Account Setup

To set up your online account, you need to register online on the website.

Follow these steps to set up your account:

  • Open the link in a safe browser and provide your phone number, and the last four digits of your Social Security number or Business Tax ID (for business customers).
  • Set a unique login ID and password for your new online account.
  • Verify the information and click on Register.

After your account has been set up, you can choose to sign up for the AutoPay, which lets you connect a bank account to your Pepco account for automatic monthly payment deduction. You can maintain your account through the convenient Pepco mobile app.

Once your Pepco account is up and running, you can log in here.

In case you’re moving to a new residence, you can apply to transfer your service to the new address. To do that, simply apply to move the energy supply service to a new address on the Pepco website, or by calling 202-833-7500.

To start, stop and/or transfer your service to a new address, click here.

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Can I pay Pepco with a credit card?

PAYMENT: PEPCO accepts payments made by wire transfer, credit card, cash and/or check.

Does Pepco accept Apple Pay?

Pay with your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card or debit card, with Apple Pay, or with your bank account.

What is the phone number for Pepco pay my bill?

If you have opted into AutoPay, the payment will be automatically deducted from your bank account. You can also pay online as a guest profile. Pay by Phone: You can call Pepco at 202-833-7500 to make payments directly through your bank account, or with a credit/debit card.

Can I view my Pepco bill online?

Paperless eBill is a fast, easy, secure, and FREE way to eliminate your paper bill and receive and pay your bill online. Enrollment is quick and easy! We will send an email to when your bill is ready to view online.

What is a Pepco online account?

Your Pepco online account includes more than just your recent gas or electric bill. It contains tools and detailed energy usage information. By tracking your energy use, comparing usage trends, and discovering the results of energy-saving practices, you can manage your energy more efficiently.

Where can I pay my Pepco Bill?

Your safety is our top priority. If you choose to pay at a walk-in payment location, please call the location ahead of time to confirm their hours of operation. For your convenience, you can pay your Pepco bill at many authorized payment locations across our service territory. To find a location near you, please enter your Zip Code below.

How much does online PECO Bill Pay cost?

Note that online PECO bill pay has a service fee of $2.35 per payment. As your Philadelphia electric company, PECO is your electricity provider but you have the ability to choose your electricity supplier. You can do this through PA Power Switch.

How do I get a credit on my PECO Bill?

Call PECO Universal Services at 1-800-774-7040. PECO Customer Assistance Program (CAP) Bill payment assistance PECO’s Customer Assistance Program (CAP) can give you a monthly credit on your PECO bill. The credit is based on your household’s gross income and energy use. To apply, customers will need to supply the following information:

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