How to Pay Your Westar Energy Bill Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Paying your electricity bill online is the convenient and easy option that saves you time and hassle. Westar Energy offers a smooth digital payment experience that allows you to view balances, manage your account, and pay your bill in just a few clicks. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to pay online, along with tips to make it fast and simple each month.

The Benefits of Paying Your Westar Energy Bill Online

Let’s first look at some of the key advantages of paying your bill digitally:

  • It’s fast – Takes just minutes to log in and submit payment from your computer or mobile device

  • Available 24/7 – Pay anytime, even late at night or early morning.

  • Saves trips – Avoid having to mail payments or visit an in-person location.

  • Payment tracking – Get instant confirmation and have payment history stored in your account.

  • Auto-pay option – Set up recurring payments to be deducted automatically each month.

  • Account management – Monitor usage, view statements, update details all in one place.

  • Secure process – Your financial information is protected by advanced encryption.

How to Sign Up for Online Bill Pay

If you don’t already have an online Westar Energy account, signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to and click “Pay Bill” in the top menu.

  2. On the next page, click the “Register” button under account login.

  3. Enter your Westar Energy account number, name, service address, email, and phone number.

  4. Create a secure password for your account.

  5. Agree to the terms of use by checking the box.

  6. Click “Create Account” to complete your registration.

Once your account is created, you’ll have instant access to pay your bill online going forward.

Steps to Pay Your Bill Through the Online Account

Here are the simple steps to pay your Westar Energy bill through the online account portal:

  1. Go to and click “Pay Bill” then “Sign In” to your account.

  2. Your account dashboard will display your current balance owed and due date. Click “Make Payment” to proceed.

  3. Enter the payment amount. The default is your total current balance but you can adjust as needed.

  4. Select payment method – bank account or credit/debit card. Enter the required details.

  5. Review payment details then click “Continue” to confirm and submit payment.

  6. The final screen will display a payment confirmation number. Your transaction history will also save in your account.

The entire process takes just a few short minutes. With autopay enabled, payments happen automatically each month without any effort on your part.

Payment Tips and Reminders

To ensure the smoothest online bill payment experience, keep these tips in mind:

  • Log in early to avoid a last minute rush near due dates.

  • Have your account number, bank details, and credit card on hand to speed up data entry.

  • Save your payment method to avoid re-entering details every month.

  • Schedule payments for your ideal date to avoid missed or late payments.

  • Update your contact information if your phone number or email changes.

  • Contact customer service immediately if your card is declined or payment fails.

  • Review your account dashboard regularly to monitor usage and charges.

  • Report any errors in your balance or billing details to Westar Energy promptly.

Ways to Receive Account Alerts and Reminders

It’s easy to stay on top of your bill and avoid late fees thanks to the account alerts and reminders Westar Energy offers:

  • Email notices – Get an email when your monthly statement is ready and when your bill is due.

  • Text alerts – Opt to receive text messages for account notifications.

  • Phone calls – Set up automated phone call reminders about due dates and past due balances.

  • Push notifications – Allow the Westar Energy app to send billing alerts to your device.

  • Account dashboard – Check your account online to see due dates and amounts owed.

  • Mail – Paper statements and bills include your payment deadline.

Activating these alerts ensures you never miss a payment deadline. And monitoring your account gives you visibility into your energy usage and monthly charges.

Payment Assistance Options if You’re Struggling

If you’re struggling financially, Westar Energy has programs available to help qualified customers manage payments:

  • Payment arrangements – Set up a plan to pay your balance over time in installments.

  • Extended due dates – Request a due date extension if your paydays conflict with the current one.

  • Energy assistance – Apply for state and federal financial aid programs to cover utility bills.

  • Average monthly payment plan – Pay a fixed estimated amount each month to help budgeting.

  • Bill credits – Use energy efficiency rebates as credits against what you owe.

Contact Westar Energy’s customer service team to discuss arrangements that meet your needs if you can’t pay on time. They can review all your options based on your situation.

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Use our interactive tool to understand the terms and breakdown of your bill.

How to Pay Bills Online

How do I pay my Westar Energy Bill?

You can pay them directly on this website. Or pay on doxo with credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or bank account. Where can I ask questions about my Westar Energy bill? Make billing inquiries directly by phone at 800-383-1183. I can’t find my paper bill. Can I find my bill online? You can find your bill online at Westar Energy .

How do I pay my Evergy bill online?

Pay your Evergy bill online with doxo, Pay with a credit card, debit card, or direct from your bank account. doxo is the simple, protected way to pay your bills with a single account and accomplish your financial goals. Manage all your bills, get payment due date reminders and schedule automatic payments from a single app.

Are Westar Energy & KCP&L the same company?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Oct 7, 2019) – Local energy providers, Westar Energy and KCP&L are now serving customers as Evergy, the name of the holding company established when the companies merged last year. “This is an exciting time for our company,” Terry Bassham, president and chief executive officer, said.

How much did Cleco pay Westar Energy Inc?

On January 14, 2003, Westar Energy Inc was charged for transactions involving power sales from one Cleco Corporation affiliate to Westar and then back to another or the same Cleco affiliate, and paid $30,000,000 for the settlement.

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