A Guide to Paying Your East Wenatchee Water Bill Online

Paying your water bill to the East Wenatchee Water District is now quick and easy with online payment options Read on for a complete guide on how to pay online through their website, avoid late fees, set up automatic payments, and answers to frequently asked questions

How to Pay Your Water Bill Through the East Wenatchee Website

The East Wenatchee Water District offers online payment through their website Follow these simple steps

  1. Go to www,ewwdorg,

  2. Click on “Pay Bill Online or Create Account” on the homepage.

  3. If paying for the first time, select “First Time Users Register Here” to create an account. Enter your account number and 4-digit PIN from your latest bill when prompted.

  4. If already registered, login with your username and password.

  5. Select “Make Payment” from the menu.

  6. Choose a one-time payment or set up recurring automatic payments.

  7. Enter the payment amount and select a payment method.

  8. Provide credit card or bank account information for payments.

  9. Review payment details and select “Pay Now”.

The payment will process instantly. You’ll receive a confirmation email with transaction details.

Benefits of Paying Online

Paying your water bill online with East Wenatchee Water District offers many advantages:

  • Convenient 24/7 access from any device

  • Fast payments processed immediately

  • Avoid late fees with on-time payments

  • Automatic payments for worry-free billing

  • Payment history available through your account

  • Paperless billing reduces waste

  • Secure transactions protect your information

  • Receive email notifications about your account

  • Access account details and update information easily

Going paperless and paying online makes managing bills easier.

Setting Up Automatic Payments

Forgetting due dates can lead to late fees. Avoid this by enrolling in automatic payments through the East Wenatchee Water District website:

  1. Log into your account and access your profile.

  2. Check the box to enable automatic payments.

  3. Choose the date you want payments withdrawn each month.

  4. Enter your credit card or bank account details.

  5. Specify payment amount – minimum, balance due, or fixed amount.

  6. Save your automatic payment information.

Your bill will now be paid automatically on the date selected each billing cycle. One less thing to worry about!

Avoid Late Fees

The East Wenatchee Water District charges late payment fees if a bill is paid after the printed due date. Avoid late fees by:

  • Paying your bill early before the due date

  • Setting up automatic payments to process on or before the due date

  • Updating billing address if you move

  • Monitoring account notifications for any failed payments

  • Notifying the water district immediately if you need a due date extension

  • Paying the total statement balance, not just the minimum

Use online payments and automatic billing to stay on track and avoid penalties.

What If You Can’t Pay on Time?

If you ever find yourself unable to pay your water bill by the due date, take one of these actions quickly:

  • Call the water district to explain and request a due date extension

  • Pay a partial payment if unable to pay the full balance

  • Inquire about payment assistance programs if facing financial hardship

  • Discuss payment plan options to restructure what you owe over time

  • Update expired payment info to get automatic payments running again

  • Avoid additional late fees or service disruption by resolving nonpayment ASAP

Communicate with East Wenatchee Water District before your account becomes delinquent. They can help avoid escalation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Payments

What payment methods can I use to pay online?

You can pay by debit card, credit card, or electronic check from a bank account when paying online.

When will my online payment be applied to my account?

Payments made online are typically applied within 1 business day. Allow extra time for weekends.

Is there a fee to pay my water bill online?

No, the East Wenatchee Water District does not charge a fee for online payments.

Can I still pay by phone, mail or in person?

Yes, you can choose to pay by any method – online, phone, mail, or in-person.

What do I do if my bill amount looks incorrect?

If you think your bill contains an error, contact East Wenatchee Water District right away before the due date.

How do I update my account information if I move?

Login online and update your new mailing address and contact information through your account portal.

Who do I contact for questions about my water service?

Contact East Wenatchee Water District customer service at 509-884-3569 for any account or service questions.

Paying bills online with East Wenatchee Water District is fast, easy, and convenient. Go paperless and set up automatic payments to simplify water bill management!

East Wenatchee Water District Bill Pay

Stormwater Utility (SWU) Fee

The utilities rate structure is based upon the amount of impervious surface area within each parcel or equivalent service units (ESU).

A $80.40 basic service charge per ESU, per year shall be levied against each developed parcel within the service area.

The following are examples of how ESUs are calculated and applied within the service area:

  • Single family residence equals 1 ESU
  • Duplex equals 1 ESU
  • Tri-plex/Four-plex equals 2 ESUs
  • For all other parcels: Number of ESUs equals the total square feet of impervious surfaces divided by 2,750 square feet (the approximate surface area of an average residential rooftop and driveway)

Please note that:

  • No developed parcel shall contain less than one ESU
  • Undeveloped parcels do not contain ESUs
  • Douglas County and East Wenatchee pay for their impervious areas, including streets, roads, trails, and parking lots
  • Qualified low-income senior citizens and disabled persons may be eligible for a discount.
  • In addition storm water facilities designed to accept runoff may be eligible to receive a storm water utility credit.
  • Rate structure is current as of March 25, 2016.

What You Get from the Stormwater Utility

The SWU attempts to assure that there will be long term funding to pay for construction, maintenance and repair of storm water facilities.

Douglas Countys Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan identifies many capital improvement projects in the Greater East Wenatchee area aimed to mitigate chronic flooding problems. Multiple projects have been completed to date, such as:

  • Canyon B channel stabilization
  • Canyon A culverts at Eastmont/3rd Street Southeast
  • Construction of detention basins at 4th Street Southeast, 10th Street Southeast, 23rd Street Northeast, and 35th Street Northeast
  • Drywell installation and repair in East Wenatchee and the Fancher Heights area
  • Obtaining capacity in a storm water conveyance system, 27th Street Northwest to the River

Stormwater utility funds pay for improving and maintaining the storm drainage system. Improvements to the overall drainage system may have more direct benefits to some, but that does not impact the fairness of the rate or that we all benefit from stormwater management. While your property may not be physically connected to the drainage system, the storm water utility improves and maintains upstream facilities which in turn protects your property. Everybody benefits from the maintenance and improvements provided by the stormwater utility, through an improved environment, better access to roads during storm events, and reduced flooding during abnormal years. Maintenance of the storm drainage system helps to ensure the safety and reliability of the road system within the Storm Water Utility Area.

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